Four Signs It’s Time for an Office Refresh

by Aaron Harden - 8/23/2018
Four Signs It’s Time for an Office Refresh

It can be easy to disregard the appearance of a workspace. As technology becomes the ever-increasing driving force of work and productivity, dealing with the appearance of an office can be a seemingly trivial task. But letting an outdated office go ignored can have major impacts on your employees – and your bottom line. Here are a few signs it may be time for your workspace to undergo a much-needed makeover.

  1. Overcrowding: An overcrowded office can be a source of multiple problems in the workplace. If you find your employees get sick in groups, frequently argue, or a suspicious amount of office gossip arises, it may be due to your people simply not having enough space to exist within the workspace. Growing teams are a great sign for your company; increasing business and expanding teams is important, but it’s crucial to consider how it will impact the employees who make your company great.


  1. No Space to Collaborate: The importance of collaboration in the modern workplace cannot be understated. Even with remote-based teams, employees will rely on having ready-to-use space to meet and work with others. You can hire the best experts in the world to carry out business for your company, but all of that value can be diminished if they lack the space to collaborate on their next big idea.


  1. Technology Rules You: Technology is rapidly evolving. Everything from charging cords to Wi-Fi devices  are needed on a daily basis in almost any type of workspace. It may be time for an office refresh if you find your team members are spending a substantial amount of time preparing technology to carry out work, instead of using technology to get important work done.


  1. Get Some Sun: Your employees are human beings. Water, sunlight, and fresh air are essential ingredients to their (and your) success! An antiquated workspace lacking windows and air flow devices can be a huge source of lost productivity. If this sounds familiar, have no fear. That simply means there is an opportunity to expand, allowing room for even more people and more sunlight to support your team throughout their entire work day.  

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