The need to plan isn’t specific to an office move—it applies to all aspects of today’s facilities management. Speed, streamlined processes, foresight and experience all contribute to creating an effective plan for any situation. We account for the predictable and the unpredictable. We know the speed of change – in technology, the markets, or the competitive landscape – is unrelenting. So we plan for it.


Moving is exciting. It means new spaces, new views, maybe a new commute or coffee shop. It’s all rife with many moving parts, from the pre-planning to the post-move punchlist. We have a process – and decades of expertise – to minimize the stress and maximize productivity.


Just like you want the right tool for any job, sourcing the right furniture and accessories for your workspace is critical for your people to be able to do their jobs most effectively. We take a “solutions first” approach, always solving our clients’ problems over promoting a specific brand.


Facilities management is what we sometimes call “infinity work” – it never ends. And for companies without a dedicated facilities manager, issues inevitably end up on the desk of HR, or the IT guy, or the office manager, or even the CEO – all of whom already have full-time jobs.

Who Is Apex?

Apex Facility Resources manages all aspects of our clients’ workplace facilities, including relocation and logistics support, space planning and design, commercial furnishings, and ongoing asset management. As an outsourced provider of comprehensive services, our clients have a single go-to partner to handle any issue in any phase of their workplace growth, which enables them to focus their resources on their core business.

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